A Special Message to Our New Zealand Members

To: Kevin C #866, Tim G #884, and especially Dennis G # 751 (who lives in Christchurch)

Please know that you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers during what must be trying times, to say the least. All of us in the SPCOA hope that you are all safe and secure.

Spark Plug Names

Westchester Spark Plug

Westchester Spark Plug

Part of the enjoyment of spark plug collecting comes from the stories behind some plug names. Personally, when I find a new plug for my collection, I like to try and track down any and all details that help to establish its history. When was it made? What were the advertising claims for it? Who made it? What were the reasons behind special features? Etc., Etc.

Allow me to share one example. I recently purchased a “Westchester” spark plug. There were only a few obvious reasons that it used that name. So the research began. I live in New York’s Hudson River Valley (a region that had a significant role in early spark plug manufacturing), where Westchester County is located. So, I used that for my starting point. The seller had speculated that the plug may have been manufactured for an automobile company called the “Westchester Car Co.”, but checking the lists of American auto manufacturers didn’t turn up that name. I did, however, note that early Maxwell automobiles were made in Westchester County. Could there be any connection?

Westchester Spark Plug

Westchester Spark Plug

I turned to the internet, and following a fruitless search for “Westchester” spark plugs, I tried a search for Maxwell autos. One of the most promising results of that search led me to the Antique Automobile Club of America site. Browsing through their extensive categories, I came across an ad in the “Parts Wanted” section of their classified ad section under Maxwell. The ad was seeking “Westchester” headlights for an early Maxwell. HMMMM…..

Further searches eventually revealed that “Westchester” ( I believe that the full name was the “Westchester Automobile Accessory Co.”) was an OEM supplier for early Maxwell accessories and parts. They were, in fact, recommended in Maxwell literature, as the parts supplier of choice. So, there was the history. The company that sold them, and the automobile that used them, as a bonus.

Incidentally, the actual manufacturer appears to have been Mosler, based on the physical characteristics of the plug.

Spark plug collecting is, like many hobbies, a pastime that can be enjoyed on many levels. The only limits to the collector are those dictated by individual curiosity. I’d love to hear about where your plugs have taken you.

Bob Barrett #1101

European Ford Spark Plugs

Our European correspondant Martien van der Zanden (813) sent the following Ford spark plug photos, and a shot of this beautiful Eyquem spark plug advertising poster. Thanks Martien!


More Ford Plugs

SPCOA Secretary Mike Healy #604 sent in photos of these fantastic Ford spark plugs for our growing collection of Ford spark plug photos!


Eyquem Poster

Club member Jim Hardman sent a scan of this lovely European Eyquem spark plug poster. Enjoy!

Eyquem Spark Plug Poster