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Hire-Fire Spark Plug

Please feel free to contact any of the club officers if you have any questions.

Kevin Hembrough (President)

Lanny Baron (Past President)

Susan Eddy (Vice President)

Rich Niezabitowski (Treasurer)

Jim Lewis (Secretary)

Bill Bond (Founder)

John Teel (Editor of The Ignitor)

Michael Helms #1143 (Webmaster)


  • Ben says:


    I am looking for Champion QM-2 and Autolite AN-7 spark plugs, any condition.


  • Fred Perry says:

    Have some Lectra 6-ldl fuel igniters from 50’s I believe ,new in the box.Can not find any information on them have advertising literature too .Have six of eight new in box,with anything?

  • Andy Sager says:

    I recently found some NOS Blue Crown M9X x-citer plugs at a thrift store. I am trying to cross reference them to their Champion counterpart but am having no luck online. Anyone know what the Champion plug number for these would be? Im wanting to use these in various vintage small engines (B&S, Lauson, Wisconsin, Clinton) to name a few.

    • Dennis Trevathan says:

      The 1953 Blue Crown Heat Range & Conversion Chart shows M9X / M9 Champion Conversion is J11, J11J* The 1954 Blue Crown Heat Range & Conversion Chart shows M9X / M9 Champion Conversion is J12, J12J*

      *Special competitive gaps for Outboard and other 2-cycle engines. Replace only with Blue Crown Xciter Plugs which are designed for both 2 and 4-cycle engines.

  • Kevin Kleespies says:

    Hi, we have 80 vintage aviation plugs. Could someone advise the name of an aviation museum or nonprofit to which these could be donated?

    NOS some w packaging opened. These include:

    15 Lodge RS 35R
    23 BG Corp RB27R1
    25 BG Corp RB 39R
    8 AC R8ACS
    7 AC SR47
    2 misc AC and Autolite

    Thank you.


  • Mark Cashdan says:

    I have (8) new, not in the box Blue Crown E 7 spark plugs. Contact me if interested.

  • Dan says:

    I am interested in buying vintage /antique spark plugs. If you have any you are selling send me a text or call me at 651-395-1445 or email at


  • Steve Weaving says:

    Hi, I am looking for up to 4 Lodge CVHL spark plugs if anyone should have some. Many thanks

  • BRIAN SAMUEL says:


  • drew says:

    hi i have a primer plug with raja rajite written on the porcalin and the numbers i think it’s “778” on it would you have any idea what it might be from and the age of it i haven’t been able to find any solid info about it’s origin or application appricate any help thanks

  • Mike says:

    I have 2 boxes Firestone spark plugs M40 brand new in the box

  • Rod Shaver says:

    Can anyone tell me the application for the Champion AV-4 spark plug? Thanks Rod 602-421-0858

  • Rod Shaver says:

    I have a bag of NOS Champion AV-4 spark plugs. Can anyone tell me their application? Which vehicle, airplane, etc. My number is 602-421-0858 thanks Rod

  • Kent Lacy says:

    I need Champion NA10 plugs to finish an Austin Healey restoration. Can anyone help me? I’d be happy with used as well as NOS.

  • Brian says:

    My grandpa sold auto parts out of his garage/ home back in the 1930’s-40’s
    I inherited what looks to be a Blue Crown A-2 promotional (key chain trinket) mini spark plug.
    I don’t know much about plugs. But I’m assuming somebody from your club knows or has seen one of these?

  • Tom Yankey says:

    I have a collection of spark plugs that my father had for a long time. I do not have an interest in keeping them and they should go to a collector. What I have are the following: Zenith brand spark plugs of the following types. Two boxes(20 total) and 13 single boxes of Zenith 78A. Five boxes(50 total) and 11 single boxes of Zenith 18B. Seventeen boxes (17 single) of Zenith 18D. Eleven boxes (11 single) of 18T. All are in the original boxes and have been stored inside a building. I would say that almost all of the boxes have never been opened. Photos can be provided at your request. I have no idea of the value so an offer would be considered. Contact

  • Don says:

    Looking for someone who has a catalog for Firestone Spark Plugs. I have some new ones that I’m trying to determine what they fit.
    Thanks Don

  • Hi, I am looking four antique Bosch spark plugs to accompany a 1904 DU-4 Bosch Magneto that I am currently restoring, if anyone has four of the same Very early Bosch spark plugs (possibly from that era), I would be more than happy to negotiate a purchase price, thanks in advance.
    Frank Spiteri

  • Susan says:

    Sorry, I hit the wrong button. Anyway, I have an old spark plug that is incased in what appears to be acrylic or a form of plastic. It was used as a keychain by my is small, about 3/4 of an inch long. The casing is about an inch and a quarter long. Is this worth anything as a novelty of some sort. It is over a hundred years old.


  • This collection of spark plugs came with a 1924 Chevrolet Touring car I bought as a restoration project. Several of them look very unique and have features I have never seen on a spark plug before. I am not looking for prices but am interested in selling them to someone that knows their historical significance and value. Any help with a proper place to advertise/offer them would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • I have a set of AC # 19 on box spark plugs that I have not been able to identify?

  • tom says:

    Anyone know anything about old Jipe spake plugs with brass heads?

  • Rich Anderson says:

    I’m looking for a Champion C 16 C plug. New if possible.
    Please contact me:


    Rich Anderson

  • marcelle says:

    I am trying to find out who to contact to give me an idea of what I have found washed up on one of our california local beaches. It is a spark plug, looking very old. In fact, part of the outer brass around the tip is completely rusted off. It is an almost yellow orange white, stained I suppose from the rust. If you take a magnifing glass you can just barely see writing, can’t entirely make it out. It has 2 rings then a space of about a 1/4″ and then another 3 rings and it is brass. It also has what looks to be rock or lava embedded in between a couple of the bottom rings. Could this piece be a historical ancient artifact or just my wishful thinking?

  • Terry Lohman says:

    I have a sealed box with spark plug in it. Would like some information if possible on it if possible. The sealed tube has on it THE ELECTRIC AUTOLITE COMPANY. Type SH-2I On the side of the tube it has T.O.03-5E-1. Any Ideas are appreciated. Thanks Terry

  • James basgall says:

    I have an antique Bosch brass era spark plug. On one of the flats it shows Honold. Part 1a. 57093. Would anyone have interest in this plug.

  • I am looking for K 61 R plugs – individual – set – box – in NOS if possible – Thanks

  • Tom Tschohl says:

    I have several boxes of Atlas Champion spark plugs( 10 in each box) in their original boxes and wrapped in waxed paper. Most are C-4 7/8 inch 1 1/8 ” hex. What would they be worth?

  • Douglas Freidank says:

    I have 10 NOS Champion Spark Plugs in the box., would you know what they are worth? Thanks

  • Hawkeye says:

    Hello, I am looking for 6 AC R45 spark plugs. I’m not sure if they would be “Fire Ring” or “Actnighter” I am looking for a plug from 1950. Thanks

  • PZ says:

    Hi, I’m looking for vintage Champion QM-2, Autolite AN7, and Firestone F40 spark plugs in NOS condition. Contact email

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