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Please feel free to contact any of the club officers if you have any questions.

Kevin Hembrough (President)

Lanny Baron (Past President)

Susan Eddy (Vice President)

Rich Niezabitowski (Treasurer)

Jim Lewis (Secretary)

Bill Bond (Founder)

John Teel (Editor of The Ignitor)

Michael Helms #1143 (Webmaster)


  • Dave says:

    I have an AC spark plug display shelf and I can not find any pictures of it on the internet. It has two chrome poles on each side (looks like they slid into a base and a top) with 4 shelves. Each shelf has an AC saying and logo on it. The shelves are connected to the poles with a half moon bracket on each side.

    Does anyone have a picture of a put together shelf?

    Thanks, Dave

  • DeWayne says:

    Found some AC commercial spark plugs 18 at work wondering if y’all have ever heard of them. Just wondering what these massive plugs would have been used for.

  • Dana says:

    I have a couple unopened boxes of Sun Power spark plugs. They are marked 435. I know they are at least 50+ years old. Can anyone tell me anything about Sun Power and these plugs?

  • Mark S. says:

    I have a 1922 Oldsmobile 4cyl. The Champion W18 are to short for the head Aprox 1″ depth of threads. I have missing at low speed and dry fuzzy carbon build-up. I need to find the right one’s. Anyone with a old catalog or a fix?

  • Dan says:

    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about some old spark plugs that i Ran across in my basement. My dad was always buying and not using the new parts. The plugs that I’m wondering about are ac fire ring 46, i have a complete set of 8 new in box. thanks for the help

  • Donald Ellis says:

    Does anyone have a nos set of Champion #2 (7/8 regular) plugs for sale? Does anyone have a cross over sheet which would give me the equivalent in Bosch, Bethlehem,etc?

  • MILAN says:

    I am a new collector and I wanna to become new member but I have some questions.
    What is the procedure of registration
    First I know I must pay membership fee and then what?

    I dont understand this
    Please print, complete the form and enclose a check payable to S.P.C.O.A ?????

  • Jon says:

    I was hoping someone in the club could help me to find a set of Champion RS-45 spark plugs.
    I am needing them for a WWII era motorcycle, and having a difficult time finding them.
    Many thanks for any help!
    talktojon at aol dot com

    • Jon says:

      I forgot to add that these were shielded Aircraft spark plugs.

      • frederick peterson says:

        I have lots of them new in the container. You are right they were for a among other aircraft engines the radial air cooled engines. There are a lot of subs that will work for them.

  • GW says:

    Correction: the champion spark plug cleaner has the original packing slip that shows it was shipped march 1973. So I assume it is an early 70’s not 50’s maybe late 60’s

  • GW says:

    Hello. I am a new collector. I just purchased what I believe is an 50’s models maybe later champion spark plug cleaner. The thing is it is brand new in the box. Still has plastic around it and manuals and packing slip. Has a box labeled spare parts. Is their a market for something like this. Anyone have an idea of the value on an item like this?

    • Kevin Kline says:

      I would be interested in it. Possibly copies of the paperwork if you don’t want to sell the complete unit
      Kevin Kline

    • Eastwood Herin says:

      Hello GW,
      I recently cross-trained as a mechanic and have been using the cheap plug blaster sold by Harbor Freight and others with poor results. I’m sure it will take several hundred dollars to fina a quality unit. Is yours for sale and can you provide a photo and description. Also, what is your e-mail address? Thanks, Eastwood Herin, Ph.(317)514-9017. Indiana

    • I just bought a champion cleaner/tester and am wondering if you could pass on any manual or instructions you might have on its use. thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • John L. Johnston says:

    I am hoping I can get some information. I have a 1910 Buick 2 cylinder. It has holes for pipe thread spark plugs, so when I got the car it had Model T Ford plugs in it. However, they quickly foul. I am thinking the correct spark plugs would be a more extended reach and a lot hotter. I have no idea what plug this car should have…do any of your members know?
    Also I would dearly love to find 4 quantity “Jet Ignition” brand spark plugs in 3/4 inch reach (14mm thread) for another project.
    John L. Johnston

  • Marinna says:

    I found a Champion Spark Plug that had been washed ashore on a beach I was walking.I have taken off a good deal of the rust, but I still do not have it full cleaned so all I know more is that it has 8COM on it and it’s made in the USA. The other writing though is still covered in a layer of rust that I’m trying to still get off. the body is ceramic and one end has a screw off little copper cover then the other end has the center wire coming out. I tried to look around to see if I could find one that looked similar to it. Other letters that I can make out on a second line are “US_(R?)AT 0_ _ H”. Any ideas?? I would be quite appreciative!

  • Hi there, I am helping a friend to identify the age of an old spark plug he found. It is marked Champion and has the logo Ford name printed under Champion. It is solid porcelain about 3 inches long, with a bent metal finger sticking out the top (if the words are upright) and a tiny screw end on the opposite end or bottom. None of the large ring of metal with screw threads you normally see, I guess it is possible that that section is gone, but there is no evidence it ever existed. I could get a photo out if this sounds familiar to someone. We have both searched online, but haven’t come up with anything similar. Please contact me if you can fill us in with more info, or direct us to a better research venue. You can email responses to Thanks

  • Andrew says:

    I’ve just listed a Fan Flame spark plug on ebay. I found this in an old barn, and since I’m not a collector, I’m hoping it will end up with someone who appreciates it.

  • Dumortier says:

    Have a box of Vintage French aviation spark plugs, NOVIS-36, 12mm, for Salmson aéro engine, 135 hp, 175 hp , or 520hp….for Morane 315 or Potez 25, Aéropostale plane…….

  • Cathy Lundberg says:

    My father recently passed away and my sisters and I found a box of vintage spark plugs, many in their original packaging in a box in his basement. Also, in the same box, were some wiper blades and arms that look to be made for a 1950’s age vehicle. My dad sold Champion Spark Plugs until his retirement in the early 90’s, so we also have some memorabilia we would also like to sell. We would like to be able to sell it altogether in one lot, but would be willing to sell the pieces individually, but really have no idea how to go about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • tristan talbot says:

    I have two vintage spark plug cleaning machines don’t know what to do with

  • Will Moon says:

    Sirs, Why can I not find an AC G-10 spark plug? I’ve been looking for some time. (maybe just not lucky) Anyone have one? Thanks, Will

    • Don Roubos says:

      without looking it up I believe a G-10 is an 18 mm plug and those series were introduced in the early part of the depression… I am looking for plugs from that era as well and have been for a long time. I do have a set of G-11??? they are rebuilt in the 30`s but they are the only set I have ever seen. occasionally you will see 1 come up for auction.
      if the G-11 interest you let me know and I`ll get you a pic


  • Ty vandenberg says:

    I have a blue colored spark plug that I have found in my grand parents house and I have never seen one like this before.

  • w.Reindersma says:

    We have a museum with many vintage outboardmotors. We look for them vintage nice sparkplugs. Do you have them still? If yes can you send me some foto’s of the collection?And can you mention me the lowest price? We have a very very low budget in Holland. Maybe it will be interesting to know they can be seen in a museum? With many regards, Wim Reindersma from Museum de Verzamela

  • Arshad says:

    Hi, I have a stock of very rare and antique SPARK PLUGS that been used in old vehicles and also in power generators. CHAMPION-6 COM-62 . CHAMPION 8 COM, CHAMPION –DL-8. CHAMPION DL-8C
    DEFIANCE 149-9.

  • Robin says:

    My husband has found 2 spark plugs new never been used they are Firestone polonium spark plug e120 and an All American spark plug if any one can give us info on these about when they may be dated and value. Thanks

  • rick says:

    I found an old Edison Spark plug cleaner in a garage I cleaned for a friend that passed away. He was a WW 2 vet and a hot rod enthusiast. He owned and raced a 32 highboy back in the day. I have tried to locate info on it but have not had any luck. It is a square shaped cleaner about 12 to 16 inches in height. It has Edison Logo on the front. The logo is like the spark plug logo. Any info on rarity and value would be appreciated. Anybody in your club interested?



  • Bobby says:

    I have an ac fuel pump sign about 7 inches by 14 inches with slotted holes on 4 corners for mounting are they old. I bought it an auto fair in Charlott,N.C the man had several ,they sold for about 25.00.I never thought they were old but I see them selling as old sign. thanks for the info

  • Rob Belknap says:

    Hello – I’m looking for a little info on a vintage spark plug testing unit. It is a Champion tester that has a beautiful sign on front that reads, ” Spark Plug Service” “We Recommend Champion”.

    I have not been able to find anything like it on the web. It is 52″ tall, 12″wide and 10″deep. The sign is 28″ x 10.5″.



  • Keith Whitmore says:

    I have an old plug with the words CALBERTA SPECIAL on it . I have not been able to find any info about it, maybe you people can help. Thanks Keith

  • Daniel Redus says:

    Mr Donald Ellis, I have inherited a spark plug collection. If your interested I would like to sell them all.approximately 300 plugs.

  • Sparky says:

    Anybody know what spark plug to use on a Curtiss Jenny with an OX-5 engine? (and where to get a set??)

    • Craig Boesing says:

      I actually have 60 of these in boxes still with wrapping paper around them,if you could contact me at 417-772-6456 I would gladly send as many pictures you would for offers on all of them or separate.

  • Alex Burks says:

    Alex Burks, (Champion Sales Rep)
    Contact e-mail:

  • Alex Burks says:

    I am an old Champion Sparkplug salesman and have quite abut of old Champion Promotional items and sales literature. Items such as counter displays including the Campion Truck Plug wire set which has a ceramic boot, Champion score cards that were used by counter people to track sales for contest, and videos f new products. Champion flip charts that talk a bout plug construction and heat range etc.
    I am under pressure from my wife to clean things up and would like to see these things go to a collector instead of the trash! I know some of theg items would probably sell on ebay, but it takes a lot of shooting photos and work to do that.
    If anyone is interested please contact me, I would like to sell it in ne big batch!

    • Hello, I have a vintage champion spark plug cleaner/tester with it’s four lagged stand. I I would like to get it working however someone has pulled out the 110v plug wire and I need to know how to repair it. The plug cleaner doesn’t have any information on it. Do you have any wiring schematics or information on these Champion cleaner/testers?

  • Lew says:

    I have several spark plugs by Lloyd also plugs called Double-Check and plugs called Check. These plugs were Mfg. by Winston Lloyd Products. Does anyone know anything about these plugs? Are they a collectors item or simply junk plugs. I have several sets of the Double-Check plugs. any help would be appreciated. Lew

  • Arshad Younas says:

    Hi, I have a stock of very rare and antique SPARK PLUGS that been used in old vehicles and also in power generators. CHAMPION-6 COM-62 . CHAMPION –DL-8.
    DEFIANCE 149-9.
    my contact is

  • Lynnandj says:

    Unemployed and something has to go. I am including a link to spark plug pics. I also have a few pics of a old ignition coil in there.
    I have tried to get atleast a few pics of each spark plug. Sorry I could have organized the pics a little better; Still have lots to learn in this new digital world…!264&authkey=!ADK2PDPnVSVl_E4
    Honestly have no idea for values, and I guess I am going to have to get the book Spark PLug Collectors Guide.
    Are there other reasources for determining value?
    Thanks for your help and support, Lynn

  • J. Mike Powers Sr says:

    Hello folks, I rejoined (No 112) after several years lapse. At same time ordered and paid for the SPCoA Master List of known Spark Plugs. Got everything but the Master List. Please look into this and send latest updated master list. I’m working off a 1980’s or 90’s issue, kinda like being blindfolded. Love the pubs and letters. Very sorry to hear about Joe Cook. Great guy! W/best personal regards, J. Mike

  • Jerry K says:

    Hi. My dad found a bag of sealed spark plugs and is wondering if they are worth hanging on to. They are sealed in plastic tubes with labels. An example of a label follows. “AC, 2920-848-3086, Spark Plug R46N, 1 EA, DSA-700-70-C-2793, A. DATE PKD. 10-69, 5612826.” Any help is greatly appreciated. Please respond to the above email. Thank you.

  • Jim LaMar says:

    Sorry to hear about the passing of Joe Cook this past June. I had read an article about his spark plug collection in an issue of American Profile. Having seen this I was trying to contact him concerning a spark plug that I had received from a former co-worker some 20-25 yrs ago. I had wanted to send it to him. It is an Auto-Lite spark plug for model gas engines…an M-4 1/4-32 thread. Anyone else interested?

  • Donald Ellis says:

    Years ago I bought a brass spark-plug which had a mica insulator and the patent date 1905. It was branded “Sootless” Was this rare? If not I would like another.

  • Donald Ellis says:

    Let me make your acquaintance(s) I am 78 years of age and thus in a hurry. I have been a petrolhead all my life and have had lots of nice stuff automobile related. In order to downsize I have sold off the bulk of my automobilia and have decided to get into a collecting field which is finite. I have just started a spark plug collection and would appreciate any short-cut recommendations which members might have to make. How do you start building up a core collection? Would it be possible to buy a “starter collection” in one fell swoop? Are their reliable lists of antique plugs and their relative value? I would appreciate any help you could extend. By the way, the only car I have in retirement is a 1922 Packard six.

  • joan m lloyd says:

    glad to have found your site. I have a half of an AC aircraft spark plug…used for display I assume. Believe it has a platium tip on it…any value to a collector. ? It may or not be unusual.
    Hard for me to make a picture to send at this time.

    I have some information(old) some one gave me once regarding a Robert Harrington of Milford Conn. as a collector of spark plugs….do you know of him?

    thank you

  • Lyndon McDonald says:

    Hi, I have some EDISON-SPLITDORF #45 spark plug. Does anyone know the history of these plugs and what vehical that they may fit?
    Thank you for your help,

  • Steven Turnbull says:

    Hello guys, I have just come across a Champion Spark Plug Co. Model 800-C Service unit and have no idea what it is worth or how rare it is. Cold you please help me with your years of wisdome?

    Thank you


  • Lanny says:

    Jim. Post your email so you can be contacted or contact me at

  • Jim McNulty says:

    I have an accumulation of AC spark plug advertising (spark plug…. lamps, Jim Beam bourbon, gap gages, display cases etc.) as well as numerous old spark plugs, most new in boxes . My dad retired from AC in the 70’s and swapped out old stock, from jobbers and distributors. I would be intrested in selling to a collector.
    I also have a “sootless” spark plug in it’s original box patent # in the year 1898 /1909

  • fred arger says:


    if you have need some informations for Oleo spark plug
    it’s possible
    I can help you
    It’s a French spark plug
    on Ebay: a very nice Oleo is selled
    It’s an oléo aviation (brass)
    good luke!
    fred (small french collector and I speak very bad in english…sorry…)

    • Fred,
      Wij hebben een museum met Vooroorlogse buitenboordmotoren ( vanaf 1910 ) Voor deze motoren zoeken wij oude bougies. Ook bijzondere bougies en zeldzame bougies hebben onze belangstelling. Onze vraag : Heeft U oude bougies voor ons te koop of te ruil? Ons adres is Museum de verzamelaar OOstergast 19 9801 AK ZUIDHORN. Nederland 0031 594503998 Met vriendelijke groet, Wim Reindersma. Wat is uw adres en mail adres?

  • Becca says:

    i collect vintage spark plugs and am trying to do some research on an OLEO SPARK PLUG as too its value and origins etc, any info would be greatly appreciated

    • Lee Brown says:


      I have some info on Oleo spark plugs. I have a 1910 Bianchi limousine (made in Milan Italy) which has Oleo plugs (Oleo Magneto No. 7 – all brass. Stamped on the hex faces are BREVETI S.C.D.G. and No 485195. Also on the base there is a serial no (?) 473805. I have two of these, one OK – the other cracked.
      Do you know where I can acquire more of these for a complete set of four to run in the car?

      • rachel trolley says:

        I was interested to find your email as i have one of these plugs and wondered which car they could possibly fit! Im not sure its for sale as it belonged to my husband who died recently..can’t quite bring myself to sell his ‘treasures’ yet. He was an amazing engineer who restored a number of classic and vintage cars..he just loved all things to do with all aspects of engineering, hence the spark plug and lots of other old artifacts. I wish you luck with your project..if you really can’t find any more plugs let me know. If finances get really tight I mighthave no choice but to sell some things and it would be nice to know it was being used for the purpose for which it was made! Best etc, rachel

      • David Stewart says:

        Hi, I have one of these plugs, just posted it on ebay France the ebay ref is 151686675539


  • lanny says:

    Larry, the Bosch crosses to a Champ N-3, Lanny B.

  • Larry says:

    Hello SPCoA,
    I am restoring a 1967 SEARS motorcycle, 106SS model, (actually it is a privately labeled Gilera).
    I am looking for information to select the correct spark plug.
    I have the owners manual but it does not list the spark plug by brand or nomenclature; instead it lists the specs of the plug.
    “Spark plug, with heat range equal to 260 of the BOSCH scale. Diameter and thread .55″ x .05″ (long thread).”
    This motorcycle is a small four-stroke engine.
    I have been unsucessful searching the web looking for a chart of the BOSCH heat range.
    Would anyone in your club be able to assist me in determining the correct spark plug for this motorcycle?
    Thank you
    Larry Pepper

  • lanny says:

    hi Ray, post your email address

  • lanny says:

    Hi Ray, post your email addess

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