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Another Ford Plug (Picture)

Club vice president Bob Barrett sends this great old “For A Ford” spark plug advertisement. Thanks, Bob – this is a great looking ad and a plug that any collector would be proud to have!

Spark Plug Names

Part of the enjoyment of spark plug collecting comes from the stories behind some plug names. Personally, when I find a new plug for my collection, I like to try and track down any and all details that help to establish its history. When was it made? What were the advertising claims for it? Who […]

European Ford Spark Plugs

Our European correspondant Martien van der Zanden (813) sent the following Ford spark plug photos, and a shot of this beautiful Eyquem spark plug advertising poster. Thanks Martien!

“Ford” Spark Plugs

Club treasurer Rich Niezabitowski recently asked the membership at the Portland meet to send in photos of spark plugs with the word “Ford” shown on them. Rich has kindly kicked off this effort with a photo of the following plugs.

Why The Blick Was Made

(this article was written by Rich Niezabitowski #496 and appeared in the Spring 2008 edition of The Ignitor) I recently came upon a very interesting article while I was doing some of my ongoing research on spark plugs that were manufactured in Connecticut. I recently was able to obtain a Buick spark plug, which is a […]