A Response From One of Our NZ Members

“Hi Bob, Yes we are ok . Sofia’s in Dunedin as she did not handle it very well so i got her out the next morning. I have stayed to secure the house as it is badly damaged , Chimney throught the roof and piles comming up through the floor . The house is still standing and still liveable . I have just got a generator so i can get some normality back in our life and talk to friends on the computer. the USAR rescue response staff and Government authoritys have been amazing Most people in suburbs have been checked to see if we have food, water, money and medical needs and some where to live if their homes are to badly damaged and this is on going . The spark plug museum has survived as they were packed up in the first quake . please stay in touch if i don’t answer any one for a couple days it means they are conserving power and limiting to a few hours per day.. Thanks for the email as it very welcoming to hear from you and thanks for the kind thoughts Kind regards Dennis G. #581”

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