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Spark Plug Collectors of America, Inc. is a not-for-profit international organization that was founded in 1975 by Bill Bond of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The club is dedicated to the promotion of spark plug collecting, the research and preservation of spark plug history, the exchange of information and spark plugs, and fostering fellowship among club members worldwide.

Members receive four issues yearly of “the Ignitor”, the official publication of the club. The Ignitor consists of articles about club events worldwide, member’s collections and new finds. Also in each issue are vintage ads and “The Marketplace” which is for selling and trading of plugs and other related items.


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Upcoming Events:

9 july

Check out the new SPCOA Facebook groups! We'd love to have you join us! Please invite to other members and interested parties to the public group. This could be much more dynamic than the web page forum. Please encourage members to get a Facebook page even if our group is all they use it for. Find us as Spark Plug Collectors of America (Club Sanctioned) or click HERE. We also have an active members only Trading Post Group for buying and selling within the club HERE.


2019 Master List Available
15 march 2019
Attention! The new, long awaited 2019 S.P.C.O.A. Spark Plug Master list is now available by mail. Check or money order for $12 ea, and $2.00 for shipping from
Lanning Baron
2969 Home St.
Wantagh, N.Y., 11793.
Contact sparkpluger1@gmail.com for any questions.



2018 Hershey Antique Car Show

The Eastern Division AACA National Fall Meet takes place each year during the 1st full week in October. Hershey is considered one of the largest antique automobile shows and flea markets in the United States.More Info


S.P.C.O.A. Florida Meeting 2-2019
It was a double bonus for SPCOA Members at the Florida Meeting, warm weather and great visiting!Florida Meeting There was a good discussion on plug displays. Mike brought a Cadillac plug for Show and Tell. Gene discussed the new webpage and Facebook group with great information on signing up.The pickings in the field were kind of sparse. Photo Janet Healy.

Printable Membership Flyer 12-5-2018
S.P.C.O.A. member Dennis Gooch has created a membership flyer for folks to hand out at events and meetings to promote the club! Please feel free to download this flyer HERE and pass it out! Thanks Dennis!


SPCOA Club Meeting in Hershey, PA. 9-27-2018 10-12-2018SPCOA Club Meeting Hershey PA 2018
It was unseasonably hot in Hershey, PA for the AAC A National Fall Meet in Hershey PA, but we had good weather until a rainy Thursday. The weather improved in time for the SPCOA meeting on Friday. Photo compliments of Janet Healy.


Gene Isenga and Sparkplugs on TV!! 9-27-2018 Gene Isenga
S.P.C.O.A. member and director Gene Isenga was interviewed by WKTV about his passion for collecting sparkplugs.Video here

The Presidential baton is passed! 8-24-2018Kevin Hembrough and James Lawrence
The presidential baton of the S.P.C.O.A. was officially passed on from Kevin Hembrough to James
Lawrence at the club meeting in Portland, Indiana. James is a machinest who lives in Harriman, TN.

The 2018 Tri State Gas Engine and Tractor Show, Portland, IN by David Walker 8-27-2018Spark Plug Electrodes
The 2018 show in Portland IN, as always, had its unique happenings. I have been going for over 30 years
and have never been disappointed, though some years have been better than others. This year’s beginning was no different. I normally get up at four in the morning to head out to Portland for about 7 hours of driving and pulling my camper in order to arrive around lunch time. We had everything packed the night before. I
had checked everything on the camper and unplugged it until the next morning, at which time the lights on
the camper did not work when I plugged it in. More of Article


2018 SPCOA ANNUAL MEETING LESUEUR - by Jim Servatius 8-1-2018LeSueur Meeting 2018
The SPCOA meeting was held at 10:00 AM on April 28th 2018 on the grounds of the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Swap Meet near LeSueur, MN.  We Minnesotans are
many times accused of always talking about the weather and that’s because we are
almost always talking about the weather, too hot, too cold, too humid, how much snow did you get at your place, so not to disappoint anyone I will start by saying the weather was perfect for our meeting. More of Article..








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